City of Craft Installation Artists 2009

Without further ado, here is the list of participating installation artists for this year's City of Craft!

The Caribou Collective (Toronto)
Holly McLellan (Oshawa)
Jacinta Lodge (Berlin, Germany)
Jen Spinner & Laurie McGregor (Toronto)
Lizz Aston (Toronto)
Marta Chudolinska (Toronto)
Meags Fitzgerald & Pamela Norrish (Calgary/Edmonton, Alberta)
Megan Morgan (Oakville)
Rose Bianchini (Toronto)
Serena McCarroll & Tyler Brett (Toronto/Bruno, Saskatchewan)
Shanell Papp (Lethbridge, Alberta)
Streetknit with Ryan Kamstra (Toronto)
Susan Rowe Harrison (Toronto)
The Toronto Hyperbolic Crochet Reef (Toronto)

A full-sized crocheted skeleton! A giant piece of interactive macrame! Crafty stop-motion animation! An enormous knit tornado! Text-based public space interventions! Thanks to all of the artists who sent in proposals...I am still in awe of the calibre of proposals we received this year, and the proof is in this list of talented artists and crafters.

Stay tuned to the installations portion of the City of Craft website for complete installation artist listings including photos, bios, web links and more...all to be posted all within the next week or so.


Signed your faithful Installation Coordinator,


Pictured above:
Lizz Aston, Beginning to Macrame
Megan Morgan, Mother Paper Dolls
Shanell Papp, Lab #4
Jen Spinner, Escapes

All photos courtesy of the artists.


  1. this is so exciting! our biggest installation showing ever.

  2. this is an incredible collection of artists! this year is gonna HUGE!