Rust never sleeps (or a new City of Craft designer for 2010)

In a full circle kind of way, today's adventures took me to a familiar water tower (the astute among you may recognize it from Amy Borkwood's 2009 poster design). So what does a December craft fair start doing in January, you ask? Well, plenty. But in this case, I was taking a first meeting to secure our 2010 poster (and more) designer, Nicholas Kennedy of the Trip Print Press. It's a done deal! The 2010 poster, flyers and other printed ephemera will be designed, composited and produced in the shadow of the tower that graced our poster last year. Neat, huh? There is also always a lot to look at when visiting the press.

trip print press (4)

trip print press (5)b

Nicholas is uniquely accomplished as a letterpress artist in this city. He has worked extensively with bands (making gig posters and every manner of media packaging), made fine art prints (when time permits), and has done all sorts of other stuff that I don't know about. I'd link to his portfolio, but Nicholas was talking about a new website that is coming soon so the links would probably break. Just poke around here. It's very exciting to have him on board.

trip print press (7)b

trip print press (8)b

For those who do not know, we employ a different artist to do our annual design each year (thus far myself, Shannon Gerard & Amy Borkwood). Their job is deceptively involved (as Nicholas is soon to discover) including things like printed materials, web banners, print ads, merchandise, swag bags and more. The deal also comes with a table at the show, so look out for Trip Print at the show for the first time in December, too.




  1. That's wonderful news, Becky! I can't wait to see his designs for City of Craft.

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  3. EXCITING!!! Nicholas' studio is beautiful and smells good to match.

  4. this is so awesome! and (for me) sad. but, mostly just amazingly awesome!!

  5. don't worry leah; they still let you receive care packages in berlin.