Pinwheel Fever!

Those City of Craft eagle-eyes among you may have noticed some changes around here. It is true; Our 2010 designer, Nicholas, came over to the City of Craft headquarters/kitchen last night to sip wine, touch modems and give the website its 2010 makeover. This is an earlier design launch than ever and it looks like we are going to keep our annual schedule this way. What a breath of fresh air to have so much done so early.

By the way, does anyone like pinwheels? I certainly hope so. There are so many flying around here that you might poke your eye out if you're not careful.

Thanks to Nicholas for all the hard work thus far and to come. Also, thanks to you, citizens, for baring with any website hiccoughs that result from a night of wine and coding.




  1. totally love pinwheels. and letterpress. great stuff again this year!

  2. I can't wait to see the actual printed materials. All of the design material so far have been a mixture of scanned letterpress prints and digital fonts.