On The Mend (or Submissions now being sought for For Keeps: a mending show).

"Tucked away in fraying quilts, hidden on dishes under plants, or protected by tissue in boxes up high – you may be harbouring a piece of art in your home without even knowing it. We are seeking your darned, patched, glued and otherwise mended objects for a group exhibition to take place as part of City of Craft’s 2010 art and installation programming."

it's true, City of Craft co-founder and Toronto Craft Alert head honcho, Jen Anisef, is bucking the consumerist trend this holiday season and programming a group show about stretching the limits of usefulness through care and repair.

To this end, she is seeking submissions of your mended items (and the stories that go with them) for inclusion in For Keeps: a mending show. Each piece will be photographed by Danjiela Prugenic and lovingly displayed for all to see.

For Keeps is a co-presentation of City of Craft, Toronto Craft Alert and WORN Fashion Journal. What a team!

Read the call and submit items here.


  1. aww, thank you. those slippers have gone through the summer and now need a new layer of repair for the winter. back to the darning board...