Vendor Hype: Andrew Zangerle at Art Star Philly.



We at City of Craft would like to extend a warm congratulations to 2010 vendor, Andrew Zangerle (aka The Maple Ridge), for the opening of his new show The Big Sea at Art Star Gallery in Philadelphia. If you are in the Philly area, go check it out! If not, you can peruse and purchase everything that did not sell yet via Art Star's very wonderful website here. Who knows? Maybe some of these wall plaques will even make it up to Toronto in December. But with Andrew turning out figurines, illustrations, paintings and more it is hard to say what will be on his table at City of Craft. At the very least, you can now get excited that he will be up here for the first time.


For more information on all of our vendors, check the growing 2010 Vendor Page.


  1. Oh My God! "Welcome to my Crapper." That's amazing.

    I would love one that just says CANDY. Or COFFEE.