2011 Designer Announced: Sandi Falconer of DEADWEIGHT!


Secret, late-night meetings have been had in the middle of snow storms, tea has been consumed, hands have been shaken and plots have been schemed. And now, we are totally prepared to announce to you that the City of Craft designer for 2011 is the fabulous Sandi Falconer of Deadweight (and the Guest Bedroom, for all you music fans out there).

Among various options, we have been discussing some very open graphic themes of witchery, fetishism and cultiness for this year's design. In the end, it will be up to Sandi. As a year-long volunteer job, I like to keep this project as creatively interesting as possible for the poor artist who takes it on. But we both agreed that these themes have a pretty strong relationship with realities of the craft world.

Hopefully Sandi will pop into this blog every once in a while to update us about her progress and process.

We are both busily working behind-the-scenes to do our annual website and blog design relaunch by the end of the month.

Are you all ready to have a crafty spell cast on you?


PS - For more of Sandi's work, I highly recommend a browse through her portfolio here.