Craft Toronto: Emerald Shiners by Happy Sleepy.

Emerald shiners fish sculptures
Fish and photo by Magda Wojtyra.

From the artist:

These are made from silver lame fabric and plastic food containers for the transparent fins.

The eyes are made from silver chocolate wrapping for the sclera and bicycle innertube rubber for the pupils, held together with globs of transparent plastic glue to give it dimension and a glossy, wet eye look.

The Craft Toronto photo pool is a rolling stream of craft projects being made in the city (and thereabouts). It is an initiative hosted by City of Craft and reflects more makers than any of our real-world events ever could. What's more? You can join!


  1. Hey hey! What a nice surprise to see these here. Just put in my application for this year's city of craft and hope to show sculptures made like these shiners in December. :)

  2. Oh, I'd love to know where to buy some of these!