New Design!

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Greetings, Citizens!

As you may or may not know, City of Craft works with a different local designer every year. That person is responsible for coming up with and entire design theme for the year. The motifs they choose then get extended into the website, his blog, posters, flyers, merchandise and more!

This year we are very pleased to have the lovely Caitlyn Murphy on deck as our designer. Caitlyn has been a part of the family since we set up shop, designing our event programs, flyers, t-shirts and more along the way. Her hand-drawn touch is definitely woven into the very fibre of us. She is also endlessly active away from the fair as both a full-time student at OCADU and in her personal art practice (a collaborative series with 2011 design Sandi Falconer, countless illustrations and hand-drawn multiples, zines - the list goes on...)

For 2012, Caitlyn has decided to overhaul City of Craft with a quintessentially Canadian motif - the rocky art of curling. With its skips and hollers and crests, the rink can probably feel a bit like a craft event to a different generation. The sport certainly provides a similar social club to the craft scene. And oh, the fashion! Tams and pins, anyone? Hopefully she will find time to share some of her own thoughts and processes with us over the year. It's always hard to paraphrase and it's always great to hear Caitlyn's thoughts on things.

But until then, hurry hard! Check out her hard work! And get ready for a year of icy smoothness and woolly sweaters.