Screen Printing Wars Recap.

Poster by Team Colour Code

All who came out to the Bloorcourt Arts & Crafts Street Fair on Saturday afternoon will be well aware of the amazing Screen Printing Wars hosted by Kid Icarus in front of Comedy Bar. For those who don't know, three of Toronto's top screen printing collectives/studios had one hour to battle it out by making competing gig posters for an upcoming (surprise) event in the Bloorcourt area. They only had old inks, old screens, paper (for making stencils) and their inner design sense to get them through the challenge. 

Poster by Team Carl Wagan

Varying strategies were used to create these amazing end products. It was just as thrilling to watch the challenge unfold as it is to see the end product. Yup, pulling the curtain back on the secret art of screen printing is a joy to behold. And this was only Round One - watch the Kid Icarus website for future installments popping up aat other Toronto events.

Poster by Team Kid Icarus

Fun Fact: Catch23 Improv is actually co-produced by City of Craft Ring Leader, Becky Johnson. She is also a regular performer there so if you want to see her act like a goof on stage get yourself down to Comedy Bar on Friday nights at 8:00pm.

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