Spring Youth Vendor: Jeff Cane for Operation Sock Monkey.


Did you know that this Saturday's Spring show will see City of Craft's first Kids' Row - a mini vendor section exclusively for makers 14 and under. Everyone is so excited about this brand new initiative that I thought I would try to preview a couple of these upstart crafters over the course of today to share the love!

First up is twelve-year-old Jeff Cane. An Ottawa native, he became inspired in the fall to hop on board as a Youth Operative for Operation Sock Monkey. As such, he has taught DIY workshops in his school and contributed monkeys to OSM's donation drives. His story, in itself, is pretty inspiring, too.

Here is a little insight into what got Jeff going and why he chose OSM, in his own words:
I loved the idea of Operation Sock Monkey right away. I was already looking for something special that I could do to make a diffrence in the world. I want to help people. With OSM I can help people in far away places and I can help people right where I live at the same time.

I have always been lucky to be surrounded by love in my life. I have a bed to sleep in and I feel safe in my home. I wish that all children could feel safe and loved. I would like to raise money to help women and children in my home town to feel safe and have a safe place to get away from people who would hurt them. Abuse is wrong.
Jeff plans to donate all the money he raises to a womans shelter called The Naomi House in his home town.


For more information on Operation Sock Monkey and what they do, look here.
For information on their Youth Operatives, look here.

City of Craft Spring
Saturday, April 21, 2012
Trinity St. Paul's United Church
427 Bloor Street West (one block West of Spadina)
Toronto, ON
$1 (Kids 12 & Under FREE)

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