Feminist Zine Making Symposium (April 25-27, 2013).

feminist zine symposium

As you may or may not know, many of City of Craft's earliest vendors, founders and inspirations have deep roots in both the zine scene and myriad feminist movements. Although this may not always be overtly obvious as the show evolves, we would not be much without our solid grounding in these spheres. That is why the She Said Boom Feminist Zine Making Symposium is such and exciting happening, especially as the craft scene seems to feel increasingly adrift in a sea of commercial competition. And it doesn't hurt that so many of our past and present collaborators are involved!

It is coming up this weekend, too! Full listings can be found here. To read a more thoughtful, poetic and personal run-down of the event, check out record holder for most-jobs-at-City-of-Craft-ever, Tara Bursey's, blog post on the subject.


  1. Becky! Thanks so very much for posting this!! For the record-- She Said Boom is not a sponsor or official part of this event. The symposium was named She Said Boom in honour of the Fifth Column song. xo

  2. PS: I meant to write "She Said Boom 'the store.'"