Thank You!

Photo by Serena McCarroll

Thank you so much, Toronto, for braving some truly awful last-splash-of-winter weather and making our second annual City of Craft Spring such a fantastic day! What a day! What a crowd! What a rush!

Big ups also go to our entire staff - our designer, Kirsten McCrea; our publications manager, Arounna Khounnoraj; our maven of decor (and other things), Kalpna Patel; our volunteer coordinator, Michelle Renaud; our master of music, Mark Andrada; our prodigal co-founder, Leah Buckareff; and all the volunteers who helped run, decorate and tidy up the event.

I'd also like to thank Trinity St. Paul's United Church for being such a lovely venue with a staff full of truly community-oriented, friendly and helpful staff.

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

See you all in the winter,

Ring Leader
City of Craft

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