How it's made

Seen here is a 10 x 15 Original Heidelberg platen press in operation printing City of Craft ephemera. This impression is being printed in Process Blue & Opaque White mix from plastic photoengraved plates. The display type in Pantone Red 032 was printed from metal type in a separate press run the day previous. An alliance of traditional and contemporary letter press printing: lead type hand set from the case & digital type set on the Mac.

In case you are wondering, the sudden stop of the machine at the end of the clip is a result of an automatic trip mechanism. If the feeder cannot pick up a sheet in time for the gripper to snag it, the press will cease. An appropriate end to the clip. The voices heard are that of CBC radio which can always be found blabbing at the Trip Print Press printing office in the Junction Triangle neighborhood of Toronto.

Trimmed to final size on the guillotine and ready for work.

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