Pin Wheel Fever Spreads.

Photo by Pin Pals

I just spotted this lovely hair barrette made in delicate cross stitch by our pal Sam at The Pin Pals. At first, I was shocked that blue and red pin wheels might be occupying some very specific territory in the zeitgeist. As it turns out, that is not the case. Sam was directly inspired from Nicholas' promotional designs. Way to set trends, Nicholas!

The obvious inherent geometries of letterpress and cross stitch make this such a harmonious sharing of design.

Now I want to see these motifs popping up in even more places. Quilts? Pendants?

My head is already spinning (get it?) as I think of how great the 2010 pinback buttons are going to be. Nicholas' designs might even call for some 3" staff buttons with ribbons hanging out of them. I know he has some decor schemes brewing for the big show, too.


  1. I totally want one of those staff ribbons you're describing! I will volunteer to make ruffles & tails for them.

  2. you're on! that's your job this year, remember? making things and making sure my big ideas turn into real things. with you on board, these huge buttons will be even radder than i originally envisioned. i'm excited!