More ephemera for our edification.

I went by the Trip Print Press this evening to pick up another piece of flotsam to float around in the sea of City of Craft promotion. As we enter the summer months (you know, wishfully thinking), it becomes time to let the world know about our open call for applications.

First, I should say that Nicholas told me on the phone that these were in some way disappointing. I knew sight-unseen that he was being crazy. Maybe there is some printman's minutia that is bugging him, but I think they are stupendous. They mark a step up from our historically photocopied (albeit lovingly illustrated) calls for submission of the past. Colour!

What's more? These were printed on some long-ago printed postcard backs that Nicholas had made from off-cuts and never used. I love a multi-use flyer. Really. I miss the days when City of Craft required less information and got to have a usable postcard for a show flyer.

If anyone feels motivated to circulate them (bringing them to summer craft fairs you are tabling at is the best), there should be a stack at the workroom by the end of the week to pick from. And hey, they are postcards! Send them worldwide. We might not be the right show to travel across an ocean to table at, but we can certainly accommodate installation artists from overseas.

Nicholas has offered some photo and video updates on the blog, but until then, here are some shots I took around the studio (I love taking pictures of that place)...

trip print 14b

trip print 16b

trip print 17b

I didn't notice at the time, but I like how in the blurry background of this picture of his buttons lurks some very important City of Craft design notes. We will burgle all of your thoughts, Mr. Kennedy.




  1. The card is glorious...and one of my all time favourite colour combinations. (If the blue leaned ever-so-slightly towards the green side of things...)

  2. I agree with Tara - super fantastic colour combo, and sort of spirogrpahic. Love!

  3. Hey, where can I get a stack? I can share them with my meet-up group, I know some of us can bring them to fairs and will also be interested in applying ( http://www.meetup.com/Toronto-Creative-Women-in-Business-Collective )

  4. hi ola,

    there are some cards ready for pick up at the workroom which is located at queen and brock (link above in the blog post). thank you so much for spreading the word!