Money and Mending (or Exhibitions at City of Craft 2010)

Leah's Plate
"I Suck" - Broken Plate on loan from Leah Buckareff
Photograph by Danijela Pruginic

This year, City of Craft is very excited to be playing host to two exciting and dynamic group shows in the environs of our Theatre Centre home.

First, we are teaming up with the Toronto Craft Alert and WORN Fashion Journal to present For Keeps: a mending show. Co-curated by Jen Anisef and Marsya Maharani, For Keeps has collected a variety of lovingly mended articles and given them to local photographer Danijela Prugenic to interpret the everyday into the artful. Most of the items and all the photographs will be on display at Cream Tangerine Gallery from December 9-21, 2010. And if you like to blend art, mending and parties, you'll probably want to stop by the December 9th opening party/mending circle/dance dance dance spearheaded by the awesome ladies of WORN.

More on all the contributors and partners can be found here.

Tender Tender - Meags Fitzgerald
Tender Tender by Meags Fitzgerald for Love and Money

Over at the Ontario Crafts Council Gallery is a show that considers thrift, craft and commerce in a very different light. Curated by Tara Bursey, Love and Money is a group show that brings together work from disparate artists and craft practices to tackle concepts of currency, skill, craft, business and love (and more).

The work is so exciting and overwhelming in its scope, that you may just have to check it out yourself.

Love and Money runs December 16 - 31, 2010 at the OCC Gallery with an opening reception on the 16th.

More info on Love and Money and be found here.

More updates and information of both of these shows and their respective openings will be popping up here in the coming weeks. Who knows, maybe the curators might even pipe up. That was a hint, ladies.