Vendor Hype: Shannon Gerard at Open Studio.

open studio 2

open studio

City of Craft would like to send a big congratulations to super-vendor and staffer, Shannon Gerard, for her new show opening tonight at Open Studio in Toronto. Unspent Love (or things i wish i told you) is the large-scale culmination of a bookwork that began on the internet (well, it probably began in Shannon's head/heart and then went through her pen, but you get the idea). See what happens when thought, feeling, drawing, digitizing, screen printing, letterpress, bookbinding and installation combine. If you are a Toronto crafter, you may see some familiar faces on the wall and pages, too.

The show opens tonight with an artist talk from Shannon (followed by a reception) and runs through November 27th. Tonight's event also serves as a launch for the print version of the book (button hole stitched by the artist herself, no less).

More information can be found via facebook here.

Way to go, Shan!



  1. I can't wait to go see this later on this week!

  2. Addendum: There is actually a companion installation down the hall outside of YYZ Gallery. Shannon and Unspent Love actually have the YYZ wall for an entire year! The installation there will, thus, morph and 'animate' over the four months. Unstoppable.