Other Shows (or the Craft Fair Season Looms).

puces pop composite
Photo of Puces Pop 2009 by sweetie pie press

First, I am back from Europe and doggedly trying to dig through all the emails that piled up during my last few weeks of internet-slim travel. All questions shall be answered and all mysteries revealed in the coming days.

This is also the time of year when the email box fills up with messages from people who missed our deadlines asking for space at the show (impossible) and/or information on other shows (possible). That's why I was so happy to open our email to find a wonderfully comprehensive list of local (and nearby) winter craft fairs compiled by the lovely Jen of the Toronto Craft Alert. The Craft Alert is technically on hiatus until the new year so I was extra thrilled at this surprise. Jen has posted the entire list on the TCA forums here (with users contributing even more shows).

A few fairs still have calls open, too, like the wonderful Puces Pop in Montreal and the Movies and Makers in Leslieville. So get on it, crafties. And feel free to check out the growing call for vendors forum on the TCA for anything last-minute that may pop up.

Yours in Craft,



  1. thanks for posting about this becky! anyone and everyone is encouraged to post about any shows we've missed and particularly to promote their calls for vendors!

  2. Thanks, babes! So happy to be home. Now if only I could hire an assistant who wanted no money and knew everything that was in my brain.