Guest Blogger Picks: Serena McCarroll.

This was a tough assignment. Tough but fun! Like when you enter a shopping spree contest and then spend days meticulously planning out exactly how you would go about it should you win (but you don't win. YOU NEVER EVER WIN). So, here we go, if I won the chance to pick out eight things at City of Craft I would end up with something like this:


1: Julie Moon makes me swoon! Isn't this beautiful? Seriously, stunning.


2: All or nothing! Go big or go home! This hard-carved brass pendant is all in, yo. It references Kierkegaard which is totally dope. Not dopey, D-O-P-E. From the "Protect Ya Neck" collection by Old Weston.


3. Wood is good! This wood belt buckle is made of recycled off-cut scraps. Eco-fantastic! By Broundoor.


4: Blinging it up is totally cool but it's also nice to have jewelry you can wear on casual Friday. Here we have a hand-tooled, hand-painted, hand-dyed and finished leather necklace in a primitive pyramids design. By Scouts Handmade.


5. Stamps! These ones are hand-carved out of rubber and mounted on a piece of salvaged wood that's been sanded and lacquered for a durable finish. I love the impossible cube and penrose triangle designs but I'm also generally a big fan of crystal configurations. By Stephanie Galea.

06grand stack

6. Learn To Multiply. Yes, please!


7. The Misanthrope Specialty Company never fails to amuse and astound.


8. And finally, something practical! I really like this. I like it aesthetically but also it is a useful postal tool. And made from wood! By Sweetie Pie Press.

Serena McCarroll is a visual artist. She recently received her MFA in Documentary Media from Ryerson University. You can check out some of her work here. She maintains a blog called "What a Deal!" about, you guessed it, D-E-A-L-S.

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