Guest Blogger Picks: Katie Merchant.


1)  Worn Fashion Journal Issue 15:  First on my list is the newly designed, newly spined issue of WORN Fashion Journal.  This is seriously the best issue yet and belongs on everyone's bookshelf.  


2)  Coriander Girl - Coriander Girl bouquets are the subject of many an Instagram and blog post of mine, and although I visit Alison's beautiful Parkdale-based shop often, I'll take any excuse to pick up some of her pretty (and long-lasting!) flowers.  


3) Snacks Zine by Caitlyn Murphy and Sandi Falconer:  Hi, this is an amazing zine full of SNACKS!


4) Good Night Day Elora Slouchy Toque: Winter is coming and this slouchy hand-knit toque by Tara-Lynn looks like something I need on my head.

5) Zip Pouch by Falconwright - I have one of Falconwright's well-patterned clutches already, but I see no reason why I shouldn't add this pouch to my collection, especially to use for a secret candy stash, as Sandi and Danielle suggest.

Katie Merchant lives in Toronto and blogs for herself at thank you, ok. You can check out more of her photos of snacks, flowers, and magazines by following her on Instagram @thankyou_ok.  

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