Installations Recap and Acknowledgements

It's been a few days since City of Craft, and now that I've had a few decent night's sleeps to recover, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank all of the fantastic and talented installation artists who contributed to installation programming this year. You made this year's installations the incredible success it was...thank you for your hard/smart/beautiful work. Thanks also to everyone who offered up kind feedback and compliments about all of this year's installations.

I also want to give massive thanks to fellow organizers Becky, Leah and Jen for putting up with me and offering their support and advice even when they were drowning in work themselves; Shanell Papp (a stupendously talented and seriously sweet installation artist who attended the show...all the way from Saskatoon!) who was an enormous help with installation-related stuff during the day leading up to as well as the days of the show; and last but not least, Rosalyn Faustino for her invaluable help installing the City of Craft group show and for installation support as well...

I've included some documentation above of some of the installations that appeared both at the Theatre Centre and at Queen Street satellite venues. For even more documentation, check out the City of Craft '09 page of my Flickr account.

Looking very forward to next year!

Yours truly,

Tara B.

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