Sponsor Profile: The Paper Place

Who are you? The Paper Place

Where are you located? 887 Queen Street West, Toronto

What do you/your business/your product do? We carry thousands of beautiful papers from Japan and around the world as well as unique arts and craft supplies and tons of gift ideas. Whether you are an established artist or someone who has always wanted to create a simple card or a unique wedding invitation, our goal at The Paper Place is to provide an environment where everyone can be inspired by the beauty, history and endless possibilities of paper.

What does your sponsorship for the show entail? 100 swag bags given out at City of Craft will have a gift from our store attached to a coupon for 10% off a purchase at our store or online shop.

What will you have at the show? Do you have any special plans for your table/space? At City of Craft we will have a variety of supplies and kits to feed the spirit of DIY. This year we will also be featuring some gift items from our store that are handmade and local.

Anything else we should know? Check out our online shop and our new blog!

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