More Reports From The Swag Pile.

Photo by city of craft

So...Shannon and I spent a good chunk of Wednesday night in the workroom's basement collating wonderful swag from our lovely sponsors into the totes and she, Anna and Day printed a couple of weeks ago. The stuffin's were just so good that I thought I would tantalize you with a little sneak peek.

Above are some generously packed lavender sachets from our first ever floral sponsor, Coriander Girl. They also come with a $2 token good for anything in the store.

Up here are some full fledged graphic novels from Drawn and Quarterly. It's true! Each of the 100 swag bag recipients will get one (and in many cases, two) entire books from Canada's preeminent publisher of graphic novels and comic arts! Books? Can you imagine?

Also in the loot is:
WORN magazines, Broken Pencils, SOAK samples, pencils and coupons from The Paper Place, Sublime Stitching patterns and various show-specific coupons from the likes of Le Petit Pig, mynta, Hand & Shadow, Kid Icarus & more!

Please note: some swag donors do not give us 100 items so bag contents may vary. But they are all awesome.

The weather tomorrow is also supposed to be nice so we can feel less awful about making people line up. And if you miss out on the swag, there are even more jam-packed raffle packs being handed out twice daily.

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