Materials Needed for Holly McClellan's Garbage Dress!

Attention, crafters! City of Craft 2009 installation artist Holly McClellan needs your unwanted clothes, fabric scraps and notions for her Crafty Garbage Dress! Play a part in creating an elaborate sculptural gown made out of salvaged materials! Think of it as a materials swap...at the end of the second day of the show, all materials will be re-distributed to interested parties. Too good to be true, huh? Read on for more information:
I am creating an installation during the City of Craft event made of unwanted clothes. We are also getting crafty and making things with the scraps or leftover supplies for the installation. If you have something made of scraps you would like included in the installation, bring it to the event and it will be used.

On Sunday, December 13 the installation is on exhibition. The leftover supplies & scraps from Saturday are available for people to take. At 4:00 pm, crafters and designers are invited to pick apart the installation, take the clothes and re-use them in future projects or as they see fit. Please spread the word to any designers working in "Slow Fashion." Thanks.

For early drop off or pick up of clothing or supplies, contact:
hmphoto@sympatico.ca or (905) 725.8118

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