Sponsor Profile: The Sewing Studio

The Sewing Studio

Who are you? Denise Wild, Founder of The Sewing Studio

Where are you located? The Sewing Studio has two locations in Toronto's posh Rosedale neighbourhood: 1225 Yonge Street (at Summerhill) and 266 Avenue Road (at Dupont)

What do you/your business/your product do?
At The Sewing Studio, we teach sewing classes for all ages and skill levels. We also sell sewing machines and offer sewing parties, sewing bootcamps, and Free Studio Time.

What will you have at the show? Do you have any special plans for your table/space? We're giving away a Janome sewing machine at this year's City of Craft as well as a surprise take-away for all the show's attendants!

Why handmade?
Sewing is where fashion begins. There are no clothes on the runway without a bit of fabric and thread to begin. We love making something from start to finish whether we're conceptualizing a design from scratch, tweaking an existing garment off the rack, or copying one of our favourite pieces.

The Sewing Studio Students
Students at The Sewing Studio show off their creations

Are there any crafts you are especially tuned into at the moment?
It's always about clothes for us! Right now we're loving long-fur vests (faux, of course) and everything slashed (tops, jeans, totes).

Anything else we should know?
The Sewing Studio is launching a website extension January 1st that features sewing classes online and.... an online sewing magazine! Fashion-lovers rejoice!

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