Volunteer with us!

Handmade homesteader, or lonestar craft cowboy, you’re on call to join us on the radical-craft frontier to build this City!

Fear not, folks… this is no one-horse town! Put your hands on one of many plum roles:

All Around Town Heros
- for vendor support and random acts of craft-kindness in the welcome department
Barn-raisers and Barn-burners- to put it all up and tear it all down
Sassy School Marms- to help out with our Craft Lab and spread the education word
Art Herders - to watch over installations and make sure they stay intact*
Décor Do-gooders- to make the place real pretty
Rangers- to spread the word to the outside world
Sheriff- strong-armed lovers to keep the peace and move tables

special skill requests: hand-sewing/garment construction & tech savvyness

Camp out with us over the weekend, create happy trails, and meet amazin’ crafty-folks!
For more information and detailed descriptions of volunteer roles, email volunteer@cityofcraft.com

Shifts available throughout the event (9am-6pm Saturday, 11am to 7pm Sunday)

December 12 &13
Queen West & Dovercourt
A celebration of all things crafty in Toronto

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