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Hello out there in internet land and welcome to our fist sponsor Q&A profile for City of Craft 2009. Around these parts, we are very proud of our sponsors. They range from local to international business - all with some kind of indie or handmade connection. That's right, we don't just hop in bed with any old corporate interest at City of Craft and as a result we care very much about these businesses - and we want you to get to know them and the people behind them, too.

Stay tuned in to these profiles as they also hold within them tantalizing previews of the swag bags we give to our first 100 shoppers (Saturday only, dudes), our hefty raffle packs and more!

We are very happy to start this profile series with local fibre-care juggernaut, Soak Wash. So without any further ado...

Who are you?
Soak Wash Inc. creators of Soak- Modern Care for Fine Fibers

Where are you located? Sexy industrial strip mall just outside the big city (Mississauga)

What do you/your business/your product do? We used to be Jacq’s-Hats, an award-winning knit accessories company. Now we’re Soak Wash Inc. Our customers often ask us how they can best take care of our knit hats, sweaters and scarves. We didn’t like other wool washes, so we decided to offer them a modern approach to fiber care. We developed a premium, no-rinse wash solution that works with our stuff – and with anything else people care about enough to hand wash. Soak can now be found in yarn shops, sewing studios, lingerie fitting boutiques and department stores.

What does your sponsorship for the show entail? Goodie bags will include a mini-soak single use samples as well as some product knowledge. There’s a juicy Soak prize pack up for raffle grabs too.

Why handmade? Our designs, concepts, fragrances and packaging all stem from our creative crafty side. Our knits were hand-made. Soak is biodegradable, non-toxic, no rinse and eco friendly.

Are there any crafts you are especially tuned into at the moment? We’re in love with our new scent- Unleash which is a collaboration inspired by Ravelry.com. We’re inspired by the connectivity of craft at the moment. I’m also immersed in quilting these days.

Anything else we should know? We’re launching new products in January- Carrie + Phil- wash basins, from Soak. Carrie: fun-loving multi-tasker. Carrie is as happy carrying towels to the beach and toys to the park as she is keeping your yarn stash and other neat stuff, tidy at home. Phil: bright and indispensable. Phil loves protecting hand-washables from the rest of the laundry and relieving the sink of its duties by providing a safe haven for Soaking. He also works perfectly for dyeing, felting and other yarny tasks.

For even more Soak information as-it-happens, check out their blog at http://www.soakworthy.com.

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