Swag Bag Design Contest - Deadline extended to November 10th!

2008 design by Shannon Gerard, printed by Studio XIX

Those of you who meant to enter the contest but saw the deadline come and go, take heart. We're giving you an extra chunk of time to get your original designs that reflect a unique, handmade aesthetic out of your head and into our inbox!

If your design is chosen, it will be printed on cotton totes which will be handed out to the first lucky 100 attendees of City of Craft 2009 filled with fantastic goodies from local and international craft artists and indie publications. People line up before we open our doors in the freezing cold to receive them, so we want to give them something special this year to take home.

The winner will be rewarded handsomely with crafty prizes* and fame via our website, blog & other press outlets.

Designs should be no more than 8.5 by 11 inches at a high resolution. We accept jpegs and pdfs. If you aren't sure what sort of line thickness is needed for silkscreening or you have any other questions just let us know.

If you think you have the winning design, let us know by sending your submission to swagbag@cityofcraft.com by November 10th.

Good luck!

*Prizes = badges from Lee Meszaros, ceramic shot glasses from Krystal Speck, an amazing class gift card from The Workroom (at a value of $50), a button set from and diptych print from Sweetie Pie Press and a pair of mittlets from Anna Zygowski.

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