2011 Notifications Are Out!

city of craft 2010

Greetings Citizens,

Well, I am breathing a sigh of relief because all the 2011 vendor notifications are now out. If you have not gotten yours, please get in touch (after you check your spam folder).

2011 was an exceptional year for City of Craft applications. We got more than ever before (by a hefty margin) and the quality was off the charts. The jury met last Wednesday for a session that went deep into the night (big thanks to Leah, Jen, Hollie, Hazel, Janna & The Ontario Crafts Council). It was not an easy task by any means. After all was said and done, there was only room in the show for around 10% of applicants. All this to say that the work of lots of truly amazing artists passed by our eyes and I, for one, was really humbled by the quality of work being made in Toronto (and beyond). It's also to say that there is some truly amazing work that did not get in, many times just because of saturation in a specific category.

I really hope that Torontonians go out to more local craft fairs than ever this year. Every indie show has its own vibe, aesthetic and neighbourhood. Going to many is the only way you can start to see the amount of awesome craft we have seen. Some local favourites and friends include A Handmade Holiday, Crafternoon Tea and Movies & Makers.

Have another show you like? Feel free to share it here! Know a show accepting applications? Let everyone know!

And, of course, we will see you all at City of Craft!

Time to sleep,


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