Three Dimensional Pyramid Quilt by Happy Sleepy.

Images by Magda Wojtyra

Citizens, this 3D quilt from the Land of Happy Sleepy (Magda Wojtyra & Marc Ngui) is veritably blowing my mind. Bound for installation at the Gladstone as part of the upArt Contemporary Art Fair, it will be viewable to all at the end of October. I can't wait to see it in person! Although, for the moment, watching the above animation of Magda trying to figure out pyramid arrangements is deeply satisfying. Not only does it fill me with a sense of endless possibility, but it also completely maps the process I am currently going through inching table spaces around to see how many awesome vendors we can fit in the 2011 show. Tetris everywhere!

Reef textile art 1

Reef textile art 4

The Craft Toronto photo pool is a rolling stream of craft projects being made in the city (and thereabouts). It is an initiative hosted by City of Craft and reflects more makers than any of our real-world events ever could. What's more? You can join!

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