Other Shows (That You Can Still Apply to).

While we tally numbers and consult floor plans for the 2011 show, I thought it would be a good idea to do a wee round up of other shows (near and far) that are still accepting applications for their 2011 holiday shows. Deadlines are very rapidly approaching on some of them!

It's far afield, but the folks at Halifax Crafters are accepting applications until tomorrow night. Although there is some sort of complicated cheque delivery system that may get in the way of out-of-towners applying now. Still, we have pals there and have heard great things about the show so it is worth checking into.

A drive, but not as long of a haul, The Detroit Urban Craft Fair is also accepting applications for their sixth annual show on December 3rd and 4th.

Closer to home, there are two shows on the east side still accepting applications. First, Movies and Makers at the Fox Cinema in Leslieville. Applications can be found via their blog. The show happens super late, December 17, which is a great time to get in on the frenzy of last-minute shopping.

Nathalie-Roze's Crafternoon Tea is also accepting submissions for their November 26th edition through October 3. To apply to that show, you just need to send her an email with some product images and a blurb about what you make.

And, as always, for local listings we recommend checking in with the calls for vendors page in the Toronto Craft Alert forums.

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