Jury Time (Well, Almost).

The Clock Watcher
The Clock Watcher by The Pin Pals

The big jury session is now just under a week away and preparations are well under way. It's hard to explain how much work goes into jurying the show. I never would have understood the scale of prep involved until I got into this line of work. But now, I feel the home stretch coming!

As an update to those who asked for a reminder, notifications are scheduled to go out on September 25. I am working hard to edge that date up by a few days but I make no promises. After the jury's votes come in, I have to do some hard math and figuring, map out floor plans and make sure everyone can fit before sending out notices.

Even amid the weeks of prep work, it has been a great joy to wade through all the amazing things this city (and beyond) is making through the hands of its citizens. You guys rock!

Back to the spreadsheets,

Ring Leader
City of Craft

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