Phew! (Or Applications are Now Closed for 2011).

Whoa, Citizens! Last night's application deadline was totally bonkers! 2011 has shattered every single record for application volume and I was up all night making sure that everything was in its place for the jury.

There is still a lot of work to do to get ready for the jury session. And I am currently strategizing ways to keep the process under eight hours even with an extra 50+ applications to go through.

It is hard to communicate the work involved in jurying - or how truly massive the process is. On the actual day the the session, the five of us will spend what amounts to an entire work day looking through applications. We will view something in the neighbourhood of 1500 images and read what I can only imagine to be millions of words (but I haven't counted). We also might go through some serious amounts of coffee and tea. And maybe eat a cupcake or two (thank you, food applicants).

Over and out,


PS - That image up there is from the treasure trove of downloads that Sandi has been making. Feel free to teef any and all of them and plaster them about the internet.

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