Canzine 2011

That's right, Citiznes, the air is finally cooling (maybe) so it must be time for Toronto's biggest and baddest-assed zine culture explosion - Broken Pencil's Canzine!

We have been chummed up with BP for a while now - since very close to our inception, in fact - and we love them to pieces. Canzine is always extra fun for us because it affords us a rare opportunity to do outreach at a non-City-of-Craft event. Trust me, not being in charge is a real relief around here when it happens. In the past we have set up a one day general store, hosted a pinback button making station and generally chatted our faces off.

This year, as always, we are using the opportunity to do something altogether different. The City of Craft staff (and a few friends near and far) are working together to construct a collaborative table-top installation - a tiny paper city. Since we are all working on our own elements, even we don't know what the final piece will look like. How exciting! Keep checking here for previews as the big day draws closer.

We hope you will come down to check it out, say hello, dive into the other programming and support all the busy zinesters who descend on the city for the day.

Canzine 2011
Sunday, October 23
918 Bathurst Arts/Culture Centre
918 Bathurst Street
(North of Bloor)
Toronto, ON
1pm – 7pm
$5 entry includes the fall issue of Broken Pencil

What's more? This year, you can even buy tickets in advance and circumvent the line-ups! Just look in the BP store for options.


  1. Please take plenty of pictures, Becky!!!

  2. I will do my best even though I have been feeling a loss of picture mojo lately.