Guest Blogger Picks: Becky Johnson.

Okay, so this is a cheat. I am not a guest. I run this show now, but I didn't have anyone for today and thought I could use the slot to present work from our 2011 Vendors that illustrates some themes very dear to my heart and intertwined with City of Craft - cities and citizenship. Here goes!
Misanthrope Specialty Co
1) Misanthrope Specialty Co. : Good Morning, Citizens

Oh, the numbness, the mysterious high-up forces, the offering up of babies - it would take a collective of misanthropes to present citizenship in this soothingly oppressive manner.

Alternate Histories

2) Alternate Histories : Pittsburgh Zombie Outbreaks: A Map

Joining us all the way from Pittsburgh this year, Matt has made a business for himself by intervening in images of the past and rewriting history through his own twisted and pointedly destructive lens. I actually could have grabbed just about any image from his shop to illustrate his crumbling view of the cityscape. Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC - They have all fallen victim to his monsters, lasers and tentacles. What's more? He has promised some new Toronto-specific releases just for the show! Watch out!


3) Fidoodle : City Blocks Set

Kids these days, right? They grow up against all sorts of backdrops. That's why I think it is so brilliant that the folks over at Fidoodle have developed simple block sets for all of the city, the suburbs and the country.

Sara Guindon

4) The Pin Pals : Eileen and Minou Shadow Box Print

I love how cityscapes provide the backdrop for so many of the tiny moments illustrated by Sara Guindon of the Pin Pals. I love love what the city looks like through her eyes - the seediness isn't gone, but somehow all is safe and everyone is going to get tucked into their beds at night.

Raymond Beisinger

5) Raymond Biesinger : Edmonton Civic Crest Silkscreen Print

Also joining us for the first time and from afar (Montreal by way of Edmonton), Raymond Biesinger plays with civic identity here through the appropriation and artistic mutilation of the civic crest from his native Edmonton. Isn't it about time all of our cities got real about what they have become and updated their crests to include more weapons?

Becky Johnson runs this here City of Craft and also her own craft outfit, the Sweetie Pie Press. Sometimes, she speaks at conferences about craft-related themes, sometimes she curates things and still other times she makes up jokes on stage.