The Ephemeral City at Canzine (Sunday).

Paper City

Canzine is this Sunday and we hope you will come down to check it out and say hi.

This year's show boasts even more vendors than ever before (193 is the number I have heard bandied about) and a full bill of programming - panels, readings, death matches. You know, zine stuff.

City of Craft is really excited to be using our table space this year as a tiny installation venue. Above is the beginning of our display, a paper town, being figured and fussed with on my kitchen table. The houses up there are by Ian Phillips and Kid Icarus. Over the rest of tonight and tomorrow I will be adding work from Cecelia Hayes, Michelle Renaud, Tara Bursey, Reverend Aitor, yours truly and more!

It has been really thrilling to open attachments and envelopes to find the surprises within. Airplanes! Igloos! A whole block of Nassau street (by Kid Icarus, above).

So c'mon down, check out our tiny village, pick up some of the swanky new postcards that Sandi designed, say hello and check out our archive of merch from past years! Then check out the other 192 vendors and have your brains filled with indie goodness!

Canzine 2011
Sunday, October 23
918 Bathurst Arts/Culture Centre
918 Bathurst Street
(North of Bloor)
Toronto, ON
1pm – 7pm
$5 entry includes the fall issue of Broken Pencil
Tickets available at the door or online in advance.

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