Guest Blogger Picks: Serah-Marie McMahon.

Greetings, Citizens! Following is the first in a new series of guest blog posts from a slew of local bloggers, writers and creative sorts. Throughout the series you will see tiny collections hand-picked from our vendors' collective output to represent themes interesting to these guests. Read on!


I always have an eye out to find new fashion items and makers at craft fairs. This City of Craft I'm looking for warm, cozy items to wear and love.

1) Supayana: Red Fox Dress (above)
Designer Yana Gorbulsky has been making some extremely charming pieces lately that make me think of fairy tales and folk stories. I imaging myself wearing this dress with thick wool tights and a sweet cardigan. I fell like it's something Emily Winfield would wear, and really my life is a lot about wishing I was Emily Winfield.


2) Broundoor: Sparrow Purse
I would die, not literally of course - the world uses the word "literally" incorrectly way too much. So I would die, figuratively, to have this purse. I've admired it from afar for quite a while and maybe it's about time to admire it up close. In my closet.


Deadweight: Hands Print
The only thing better than getting this print of gloves would be to get these actual gloves, because they are lovely. Alas, since these only live in the imagination of Deadweight's head, I'll have to resign myself to do the same.


4) Good Night, Day: Markham Alpaca Loop Collar
I'm very doubtful that this piece would do anything at all to keep me warm. However, it is gorgeous, and it makes me feel like I am embodying Amelia Earhart. Or at the very least the actress who played Amelia Earhart on that episode of Star Trek Voyager when they find the spot what was sucking everyone out of the Bermuda Triangle.


5) I (Heart) Puffy Love: Coconut Marshmallows.
Okay so this is not clothes. I know. But it IS a bag of crispy coconut homemade marshmallows. Do I really need to explain myself further?

Serah-Marie McMahon is the founder and Editor of WORN Fashion Journal, and a maker of fun things. She likes to mend, especially at WORN's mending circle - Thursday Night Your Stockings Needed Mending. You should go mend stuff with her. Or visit the awesome table WORN will have at City of Craft.


  1. great picks S-M! the mallows are delicious, i can attest.

  2. We're one post in and I already love this series.

  3. This = cool series. Thanks for the shout out, Serah-Marie! Love that loop collar too.

  4. thrilled!!!!!
    so happy you love the markham collar, its my favorite too.
    & in such wonderful company too.