Holiday Multiples Fair at O'Born Contemporary.

Holiday Mutliples Fair
Just saw this call from O'Born Contemporary's Holiday Multiples Fair via Akimbo and it seemed like a noteworthy thing to post, not just because it is a timely call for a unique holiday sale but also because there seems to be much confusion in the indie craft world surrounding what art multiples are. So much, in fact, that I am removing the category from our applications - it was just being used so often by such a wide range of inapplicable products.

So here is my attempt at a run-down of what art multiples are:
Art multiples/Artist's multiples/Multiples are objects or prints, usually released in limited edition and usually signed that are made specifically for commercial purposes. They are designed and released to be relatively accessible. Their production is often semi-mechanized to support this goal. What differentiates these works from other craft fare is at least some amount of conceptual backing (ie. work that is purely functional and/or decorative probably does not qualify). With many things in our current indie craft world, lines are blurred and definitions are malleable, but these ideas can provide a starting point.

Below is one of my personal favourite projects in multiples, the Velcro Pins by Sandy Plotnikoff (circa 2004). In this image you can see how he has taken a very standard object (the pinback button) and transformed it into and unruly and interactive piece with endless sculptural possibilities. Existing between craft, art and commodity, I find this a really playful example of what multiples can become from a starting point very recognizable in our indie culture sphere.

velcro pins

Applications for the O'Born fair are being accepted through November 1. Full details and a downloadable call for submissions can be found here.

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