Last Call.

Photo of Rosalyn Faustino's lovely City of Craft pennant by sweetie pie press

That's right, vendor applications close today at Midnight EST for City of Craft 2010.

Get on it, citizens!


A Late Summer Day's Zine.

Photo by gill_jesjit

As summer winds down, one of Toronto's finest new events takes to the Tranzac. If you are in Toronto tomorrow, a trip down to the Annex for Zine Dream is in order.

Zine Dream owns a special place in our hearts here at City of Craft. When we started this crazy project of ours, we wanted our show to be all things to all people. Among our multitude of goal, we wanted to be a spaces where Toronto's small presses and zinesters were welcome and supported. But as City of Craft grew, it became clear that we were moving in another direction - table fees had to go up to pay for a bigger promotional budget and other overhead. Basically, our fees make sense for most but we had almost entirely priced out the tables of one dollar zines.

That's why the emergence of Zine Dream in 2008 was so thrilling to us. With the mainstay of Canzine in the mix, too, it was finally feeling like Toronto's huge zine and art book culture had adequate outlets.

My earliest days in Toronto are filled with memories of events like Cut & Paste and I am so happy that Laura and Jesjit stepped up to create a space like that again. If I weren't spending the weekend in the depths of Minnesota somewhere, I'd be there.



PS - We still love you zinesters and if anyone out there can come up with a good zine-based interactive booth for our Midway, we are all ears. You have until September 15 to submit those proposals and the fees are much more fluid.


One. Week. Left.

Photo of 2009 event by sweetie pie press

It is true; you now have one week left to apply as a vendor for the 2010 show.

Just...you know...sayin'.

Apply here!


Kintsugi (or Mending Gone Amazing).

Tara found this wonderful introductory video on the Japanese art of Kintsugi while thinking about Jen's show, For Keeps: a mending show.

Does anyone in Toronto practice anything like this? Submissions for For Keeps are still open for a few weeks. How amazed would we be if a local Kintsugi practitioner came out of the woodwork (claywork?)? The answer: quite.


Love and Money, Last Call!

Okay, cowpokes, for those of you thinking about submitting work to the Love and Money group show curated by Tara Bursey at the Ontario Crafts Council Gallery, get on it! you now have a day left.

Submissions will close tomorrow night, Sunday, August 15, 2010 at Midnight EST.

Here's the link.


On The Mend (or Submissions now being sought for For Keeps: a mending show).

"Tucked away in fraying quilts, hidden on dishes under plants, or protected by tissue in boxes up high – you may be harbouring a piece of art in your home without even knowing it. We are seeking your darned, patched, glued and otherwise mended objects for a group exhibition to take place as part of City of Craft’s 2010 art and installation programming."

it's true, City of Craft co-founder and Toronto Craft Alert head honcho, Jen Anisef, is bucking the consumerist trend this holiday season and programming a group show about stretching the limits of usefulness through care and repair.

To this end, she is seeking submissions of your mended items (and the stories that go with them) for inclusion in For Keeps: a mending show. Each piece will be photographed by Danjiela Prugenic and lovingly displayed for all to see.

For Keeps is a co-presentation of City of Craft, Toronto Craft Alert and WORN Fashion Journal. What a team!

Read the call and submit items here.