Hex Appeal.

A big thank you to everyone who came out to our decor party last night. Want to see what all these hexagons and trianges turn into? you will just have to come out to the big show Saturday.

Pulling Strings Hamilton Library - Tea, Talk, and Tell this Sunday.

City of Craft co-founder Jen Anisef and tune spinner Tara Bursey may have flown the coop to Hamilton, but their ties to Toronto makers remain strong in their new project, Pulling Strings. Along with co-conspirator Thea Haines, Tara and Jen are hosting a Tea, Talk and Tell this Sunday, 11am-12:30pm at Needlework, Hamilton's creative workspace and cute fabric mecca. The event celebrates the launch of the Pulling Strings Reference Library which features textile publications of all stripes including, zines, how to books, artist monographs, and crazy old patterns.

The ladies of Pulling Strings have invited Toronto and Hamilton based textile heroes Anna Zygowski, Jennifer Kaye, Grant Heaps, and Kate Jackson to do a show and tell from their personal textile libraries and talk a bit about their own practice for the event. Also, there will be tea, coffee and treats. Nurse your City of Craft Spring Show shopping hangover at this cozy and FREE event.

If a trek to Hamilton isn't in the cards, you can check out mini textile book reviews on the Pulling Strings blog over here.



Spring Frolic!

Now seems like as good a time as any to introduce Emily Taylor, our designer for the entire year of 2014. This poster is just a small sample of her incredible talent. Aside from being a generally fantastic illustrator and designer, Emily is also a big fan of botanicals (in which realm she is currently cooking up a pretty fantastic project of her own).

It's a great priviledge to have her on board to do our annual design. We are all very lucky to see her work unfold over the year - for us, for others and for herself.

But for now, nothing feels more like spring than witnessing the frolic of spring beasts.

City of Craft Spring
Saturday, April 26, 2014
Trinity St. Paul's United Church
427 Bloor Street West
(one block West of Spadina)
Toronto, ON
(Kids 12 & Under FREE)


Decoration Nation - Come Help us Make Decor on April 23.

Ever wonder how the amazing decorations get made for City of Craft events? Short answer: Kalpna Patel. For the long answer, you can come down to our decor party and have Kalpna boss you around. For this year's spring show, we are working on Kalpna's recent and continuing obsession with hexagonal beehive structures. What better metaphor for spring!
We are extremely happy to be holding this gathering in the new Artscape Youngplace building on Shaw. If anything, this event is a great excuse to check out their space. Their Flex Studios are particularily of interest for artists as they can be rented for super cheap hourly rates (like, a dollar sometimes!)
City of Craft Spring Decor Party
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Artscape Youngplace
180 Shaw Street (room 109)
Bring your paper scissor! (But don't run with them).


We built this City (of Craft) on Volunteers!

 Photo by Serena McCarroll

Greetings crafty citizens,

Do you love City of Craft? Of course you do! Do you wish you could be a part of such an amazing craft event? Absolutely! And you totally can!

Volunteers are a super important to City of Craft and helping out at our show is a fun way to support Toronto's awesome craft community. The spring show is Saturday, April 26 from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm and we're looking for volunteers to help out in the following ways:

  • setting up and tearing down tables/chairs before and after the show
  • taking admission
  • helping out vendors by watching over their tables when they need a washroom/food break
  • helping put up decorations and signs
  • being generally helpful, friendly and welcoming to the City of Craft
So easy! In exchange, volunteers get the chance to be part of a fun creative event and meet great people in Toronto's craft community (and beyond).

So if you have 3 hours to spare on April 26, send a short e-mail to cocvolunteer{AT}gmail{DOT}com and be sure to put the date down in your calendar. I'll be in touch with volunteers to tell them how they can get on the schedule and other helpful information.

Thanks and see you at City of Craft!

CoC Volunteer Coordinator