Guest Blogger Picks: Rosalyn Faustino.

bunny tote
i. bunny tote made by morico

wooden sugar bowl
ii. wooden sugar bowl made by offcut studio

iii. pins made by sweetie pie press + sarah mcneil

mini blackboard pennant banner
iv. mini blackboard pennant banner made by killside krafts

anchor pill bottle
v. anchor pill bottle made by rcboisjoli

vi. rabbit outfit, mixed media made by selena wong

vii. uncorked, print made by laura george

Rosalyn R. Faustino is a maker and the lady behind art attic. She's been involved with the Toronto Craft Alert since 2008 and is always interested in connecting with local craft and design artists. if you don't find her at the workroom, she's either experimenting on textile explorations, eating and/or dancing.


Bird of a Feather.


Look what just flew into my inbox, mere days after the pom pom party, from 2011 vendor Claire Louise Milne. I was joking about the perfectionism of crafters at the party, but this takes the cake. Claire figured out how to make a chickadee pom pom! My mind is currently boggling. And it was a welcome surprise amid all the show details I am usually dealing with. Amazing.


Guest Blogger Picks: Hollie Pocsai.

The thing that is so great about craft shows is the tactile nature of them. The internet is a wonderful tool for being able to hunt down incredible works by incredible artists that you've never seen before, but there's nothing quite like actually being able to see those works in person, with your own eyes, holding the work in your own hands, and getting the chance to meet the maker behind the whole thing. I'm getting really excited about this year's City of Craft because there are so many local artists whose work I've admired for many years, and also those who I was introduced to through the jurying process this year. There's just so much g-d talent out there.

bespoke uprising

The Century Farm tea towel set by Bespoke Uprising has been on my wishlist forever. It should be on yours too. If you stop by the Bespoke Uprising booth, you'll be blown away by maker Roisin's undeniable charm.

oak savanna

Oak Savanna is just appearing on the crafting scene. City of Craft will be her second craft show ever! So show her some love, it's well deserved. Melissa comes up with all of the patterns for her knit shawls and kerchiefs herself, using antique patterns as inspiration. Made with superfine merino wool and/or silk, these delicate pieces are like nothing you've seen before.


Embroidery is a soft spot of mine. Especially when an artist can make it into a conceptual piece of art. I have long looked to Hillary Webb's work as inspiration, and I am very much looking forward to seeing these meticulous pieces in person.

selena wong

I love Selena Wong's delicate imagery. Her work is exquisite, done in soft colours, and possessing a little bit of magical imagery, and a little bit of darker undertones.


I was recently introduced to Knitdown SVP when Jen (a City of Craft co-founder) pulled out her amazingly fun and whimsical keychain. I immediately coveted it, and am so happy that I'll be able to pick one up (and maybe a brooch, and maybe a necklace) for myself this December from the lovely Hazel Meyer herself.

And there are so many more makers that I am thrilled to check out. Gosh, I just can't wait. I'll be able to do the handmade pledge this holiday season no problem with the help of City of Craft. It's going to be SO good.

Hollie Pocsai is co-owner of White Elephant and a founding member of The Beehive Craft Collective in Hamilton, Ontario. Her hands are never idle and her heart is always bursting with love for the crafting community.


Pom Pom Power!

pom by karyn
Photo by Karyn Valino

A huge thank you to all who came out to the Pom Pom Party on Friday night. We made over 200 woolly balls with which to deck the halls! What a night!


Guest Blogger Picks: Reva Quam.

For kids!



good night, day
good night, day

Laura George
Laura George

rc boisjoli
rc boisjoli

Stephanie Galea
Stephanie Galea


Reva Quam is a maker and teacher. Currently on hiatus from most creative endeavours, she crams in as much making and craft/design blog viewing as her almost 2 year old will let her. Formerly a costume designer, she most recently designed a line of sustainable men's accessories called mr. sk├Âna. She teaches a variety of crafty classes at The Workroom.


Guest Blogger Picks: Marsya Maharani.

People say that art is a matter of personal taste. What someone gets from a piece is not necessarily the same as what another gets out of it. While the artist’s intention is always important, each viewer is free to add their own interpretation of the work. This is one of the reasons why I find art to be a gift that can very effectively carry a meaningful message that is personal between the giver and the receiver. This year’s City of Craft features quite a few wonderful artists who have printed multiples of their original works. Here are a few of my favourites, along with my thoughts on for whom they would make great gifts.


1. Katie Muth, winter morning by the lake, $120.

For those who need to be reminded of the beauty of winter before they can crawl out from under the covers.

02 - Selena Wong - If you can see a crow, eat its liver and eyes

2. Selena Wong, If you see a crow, eat its liver and eyes.

For those who see beauty in a little darkness.

03 -HillaryWebb - Tree Study I

3. Hillary Webb, Tree Study I.

For those who are soothed by the detail in nature.

04 NEW A Dream by jacob rolfe

4. Jacob Rolfe, A Dream, $65.

For the dreamers...

05 Gezellig_leaves towel

06 forest guardian

5. Tea towel by Gezellig and The Forest Guardian glow-in-the-dark tee by 1% Talent.

...for those who like their art more on the utilitarian side!

Together with Karen Carrillo and Jelena Pticek, Marsya runs Freedom Clothing Collective - a non-profit co-op that supports local artists and designers. She also curates monthly art exhibitions at Freedom, contributes to WORN Fashion Journal, and thinks that trees are really pretty.


Guest Blogger Picks: Jen Anisef.

Colour and pattern are my lifeblood. A glance at my wardrobe may cause heart palpitations among the basics–inclined; it is a riot of florals, geometrics, earth tones, neons & primaries. So when tasked with selecting my favourite City of Craft picks, I set out to discover works that had palettes or patterns that please me. While choices in this category overfloweth, somewhere along the way I found my eyes taking a rest on the more pared down items, where their beauty can be found in their simplicity. So in a radical (for me) move, I challenged myself to find a selection of pieces for the friend or relative with simpler tastes, but that even I could get excited about taking home with me. Here are my finds:


This super spare vegetable tanned leather pouch by Caboto is the thing that set me down this pared-down path. I am finding myself compelled more and more to invest in everyday beauty, and this would be a beautiful thing to use everyday!

Oak Savanna shawl

Oak Savanna’s heirloom-inspired knit patterns are complex but make me think of simpler times. Love this Bramble shawl in a natural yarn.

Off Cut skate

Nostalgia also factors into my appreciation for these wooden Skateguards by Off Cut Studio. Makes me want to protect all of my sharp edges with lovely wooden things.

Chiho bud vase

I love the ancient vessel/contemporary Japanese vibe of these bud vases by Chiho Tokita.

RB bicycle print

Though probably not structurally sound, I would love a bicycle with lines this great. Aptly named “It’s a Bicycle silkscreen print” by Raymond Biesinger.

Stephanie Galea_exase wristwarmers

I am excited to see more knits at City of Craft this year, and would go greyscale for these adorable fingerless wrist warmers by Stephanie Galea.

Jen Anisef is a craft community organizer, having been involved in the development of projects that include the Montreal Church of Craft, the Toronto Craft Alert and City of Craft. Inspired by her Master's thesis on community development and activism through craft she can sometimes be found researching, writing, and moderating panels for organizations such as the Textile Museum and the Ontario Arts and Crafts Councils. Having recently moved to Hamilton, Jen is excited to get back to making more, particularly in the realm of quilting and textiles.

A Craft Fair Every Weekend!


Check it out, Citizens! From this week until Christmas, there is a craft fair every weekend! No only do these fairs offer a diversity of makers, they also happen in four distinct Toronto neighbourhoods (Leslieville, Kensignton Market, Queen West West & The Beach(es)). What a way to explore your city while crossing everyone off your list and shopping local/handmade.

Big thanks to Lisa Pijuan-Nomura for suggesting we all team up to make these postcards. You may be seeing them around the city already.

The fairs mentioned (in chronological order) are:
Crafternoon Tea
A Handmade Holiday
City of Craft (naturally)
Movies & Makers

Poster Time!


Citizens! Check out these process shots I just got from the midst of Kid Icarus's poster printing afternoon. These fancy prints, designed by Sandi Falconer, will start popping up around the city right away - and we'll have a few set aside for purchase at the big show!





Guest Blogger Picks: Caitlyn Murphy.

civic trust

1. Medium Cardigan by Civic Trust, please.


2. Falconwright is a collaboration between Deadweight and Caboto and they just released some images of their goods! I can’t wait to see these in person.


3. Ceramic mugs by Gezellig. New on my radar thanks to City of Craft and everything looks stellar.

pin pals

4. Really love these pins by the Pin Pals, excited to see what they’ll have to offer this year.

Caitlyn Murphy is an Illustrator who runs the blog Lemonade. Sometimes she sells things and sometimes she just draws. She's been our program designer since 2008. Booga booga.


Pom Pom Party (November 25, 7pm-10pm).

pom pom prom

Greetings, Citizens.

Say, are you feeling the itch to make pom poms? Want to help your favourite craft fair create some overwhelmingly marvellous decorations for our upcoming show? The you are in luck! We are bringing back our annual decoration-making party and this year's theme is the mighty pom pom.

Oh, that image up there? That's just an optional outfit suggestion from the depths of the internet. What we will actually be doing is making ten trillion (give or take) li'l fluff balls made from templates lovingly laser cut at the workroom (pictured at bottom).

The decor party was always a great place for vendors, volunteers, staff and friends to mingle away from the mad rush of the big weekend and we are tickled pink that it is making a return!

pom poms

pom pom templates

The skinny:

City of Craft Pom Pom Party
Friday, November 25, 2011
the workroom
1340 Queen Street West

Free! Fun! Everyone is welcome.

Although we do have a bunch of supplies, we would be deeply grateful if you happen to have yarn lying around that you would like to contribute (it can that stuff you never found a way to love). If you have any of your own tools to use, that's wonderful, too.

Things you can bring:
Scissors (sharp and pointy)
Yarn - all varieties
Yarn needles (you know, the kind for weaving in ends)
Pom pom makers or templates

If you would like to contribute yarn but can not come to the party, pack it up in a box or bag labelled 'City of Craft' and drop it off at the workroom in the next week. We would be deeply grateful and it will make the big event all the more amazing!

A huge thank you also goes to out to Karyn for being so great in helping us laser all those circles!


Guest Blogger Picks: Anabela Carneiro.


1. Smooth Ride by Selena Wong. I love Selena's art and hope to pick up a print or two.

2. I am a huge fan of Good Night, Day's knits, and have accumulated quite a few pieces. They're so easy to justify since they're so cozy. I love all things dip-dyed, so this Meaford Cowl is perfect for winter 2011.

3. Marshmallows from I Love Puffy Love. The coconut-topped ones look especially delicious.

4. There are always a few kids on my holiday shopping list and stuffed toys from Fidoodle could be just the thing.

Anabela maintains the blog Fieldguided from her home in Toronto, which she shares with her partner Geoff and their two cats. Together, Geoff and Anabela run the Fieldguided shop.


Poppy Time.

evil eye


It's November. You know what that means? Poppy time. It's also as good a time as any to mention these poppy pins made by 2011 City of Craft vendor, Julie Moon. Of course, we want you to buy things at the show but just in case you wanted a poppy pin in time for Remembrance Day (hurry), I believe these are also available at Kid Icarus, Magic Pony and probably other places.

As an added bonus, this photo is also taken by City of Craft 2011 photographer extraordinaire, Celine Kim!


Canzine City.

cazine 2011 (5)b

cazine 2011 (8)b

cazine 2011 (10)b

Just popping in to share a few pictures from our table-top paper city at Canzine this year. I forgot my camera so I am extra thankful to Danielle for taking these lovely shots. You can see the whole collection here. Pictured (from top) are houses by Tara Bursey & Michelle Renaud; Kid Icarus & Ian Phillips.