Guest Blogger Picks: Anabela Carneiro.


1. Smooth Ride by Selena Wong. I love Selena's art and hope to pick up a print or two.

2. I am a huge fan of Good Night, Day's knits, and have accumulated quite a few pieces. They're so easy to justify since they're so cozy. I love all things dip-dyed, so this Meaford Cowl is perfect for winter 2011.

3. Marshmallows from I Love Puffy Love. The coconut-topped ones look especially delicious.

4. There are always a few kids on my holiday shopping list and stuffed toys from Fidoodle could be just the thing.

Anabela maintains the blog Fieldguided from her home in Toronto, which she shares with her partner Geoff and their two cats. Together, Geoff and Anabela run the Fieldguided shop.

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  1. came home to this after falling on my ass on the asphalt, so thanks for this, makes my bloody knee hurt much less! can't wait to see you there anabela & geoff.
    tara-lynn (good night, day)