Guest Blogger Picks: Caitlyn Murphy.

civic trust

1. Medium Cardigan by Civic Trust, please.


2. Falconwright is a collaboration between Deadweight and Caboto and they just released some images of their goods! I can’t wait to see these in person.


3. Ceramic mugs by Gezellig. New on my radar thanks to City of Craft and everything looks stellar.

pin pals

4. Really love these pins by the Pin Pals, excited to see what they’ll have to offer this year.

Caitlyn Murphy is an Illustrator who runs the blog Lemonade. Sometimes she sells things and sometimes she just draws. She's been our program designer since 2008. Booga booga.


  1. Sweet picks, girl. I love those mugs! I need one of those mugs.

  2. We could drink so many different things out of those mugs!