Pom Pom Party (November 25, 7pm-10pm).

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Greetings, Citizens.

Say, are you feeling the itch to make pom poms? Want to help your favourite craft fair create some overwhelmingly marvellous decorations for our upcoming show? The you are in luck! We are bringing back our annual decoration-making party and this year's theme is the mighty pom pom.

Oh, that image up there? That's just an optional outfit suggestion from the depths of the internet. What we will actually be doing is making ten trillion (give or take) li'l fluff balls made from templates lovingly laser cut at the workroom (pictured at bottom).

The decor party was always a great place for vendors, volunteers, staff and friends to mingle away from the mad rush of the big weekend and we are tickled pink that it is making a return!

pom poms

pom pom templates

The skinny:

City of Craft Pom Pom Party
Friday, November 25, 2011
the workroom
1340 Queen Street West

Free! Fun! Everyone is welcome.

Although we do have a bunch of supplies, we would be deeply grateful if you happen to have yarn lying around that you would like to contribute (it can that stuff you never found a way to love). If you have any of your own tools to use, that's wonderful, too.

Things you can bring:
Scissors (sharp and pointy)
Yarn - all varieties
Yarn needles (you know, the kind for weaving in ends)
Pom pom makers or templates

If you would like to contribute yarn but can not come to the party, pack it up in a box or bag labelled 'City of Craft' and drop it off at the workroom in the next week. We would be deeply grateful and it will make the big event all the more amazing!

A huge thank you also goes to out to Karyn for being so great in helping us laser all those circles!

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