Guest Blogger Picks: Hollie Pocsai.

The thing that is so great about craft shows is the tactile nature of them. The internet is a wonderful tool for being able to hunt down incredible works by incredible artists that you've never seen before, but there's nothing quite like actually being able to see those works in person, with your own eyes, holding the work in your own hands, and getting the chance to meet the maker behind the whole thing. I'm getting really excited about this year's City of Craft because there are so many local artists whose work I've admired for many years, and also those who I was introduced to through the jurying process this year. There's just so much g-d talent out there.

bespoke uprising

The Century Farm tea towel set by Bespoke Uprising has been on my wishlist forever. It should be on yours too. If you stop by the Bespoke Uprising booth, you'll be blown away by maker Roisin's undeniable charm.

oak savanna

Oak Savanna is just appearing on the crafting scene. City of Craft will be her second craft show ever! So show her some love, it's well deserved. Melissa comes up with all of the patterns for her knit shawls and kerchiefs herself, using antique patterns as inspiration. Made with superfine merino wool and/or silk, these delicate pieces are like nothing you've seen before.


Embroidery is a soft spot of mine. Especially when an artist can make it into a conceptual piece of art. I have long looked to Hillary Webb's work as inspiration, and I am very much looking forward to seeing these meticulous pieces in person.

selena wong

I love Selena Wong's delicate imagery. Her work is exquisite, done in soft colours, and possessing a little bit of magical imagery, and a little bit of darker undertones.


I was recently introduced to Knitdown SVP when Jen (a City of Craft co-founder) pulled out her amazingly fun and whimsical keychain. I immediately coveted it, and am so happy that I'll be able to pick one up (and maybe a brooch, and maybe a necklace) for myself this December from the lovely Hazel Meyer herself.

And there are so many more makers that I am thrilled to check out. Gosh, I just can't wait. I'll be able to do the handmade pledge this holiday season no problem with the help of City of Craft. It's going to be SO good.

Hollie Pocsai is co-owner of White Elephant and a founding member of The Beehive Craft Collective in Hamilton, Ontario. Her hands are never idle and her heart is always bursting with love for the crafting community.

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