Call for Participants: Zine Dream 6.

zine dream

Citizens, it is time once again to start dreaming your self-published dreams again. We just got word that their call for applications is now live. Zine Dream is a fantastic event reminiscent of a lot of the fair and shows that spawned City of Craft. You get a smallish table, fees are utterly affordable and the whole day has a wonderfully social vibe.

Got a we book you have been dying to make? Small crafts in your head that want to get out? Now is the time!

Zine Dream 6 is happening August 4 and applications are open until June 28th. Get on it!

More details can be found on their website and the application form is here.


Not "Goodbye" but "See you around!": A Tribute to Nathalie-Roze & Co. (Also, DEALS!)

Have you heard the news? Indie retailer and eco-designer Nathalie-Roze has announced that she is closing up her beloved Leslieville bricks-and-mortar shop and moving online later this month. This means that until May 13th - the last day that the store is open - almost everything in the shop is 20-50% off. Included in the sale are fabric, notions, and craft supplies, most of which are under $10! You have 10 days to get in there, give Nathalie-Roze and her extraordinary staff a great big hug, and stock up for Spring.

1015 Queen St. East (at Pape)

Now that all the details are outta the way, allow me to get personal for a minute. Nathalie-Roze & Co. is more than a local clothing and accessories boutique. Over the years, this woman has done so much to inspire and enable crafters, designers, and small businesses to grow and flourish all over the city. By organizing  events like the hugely popular UBERswap and Crafternoon Tea, she has put shoppers and designers in the same room and turned the act of buying a new (or new to you, anyway) dress a meaningful and memorable experience. For instance, one of my fondest memories of being in her shop was a couple summers ago during their Anniversary Sale: sipping pink lemonade and browsing the racks, I fell in love with a dress by Melow and a belt that matched perfectly by Embody. I tried the dress on and Nathalie-Roze said it looked great. And when Nathalie-Roze tells you something looks great, you trust her, because she is incredibly honest about that type of thing (I can't tell you the number of times she has taken one look at me upon exiting a change room and said, "It's too big, Kalpna, take it off.").  However, the belt I wanted so badly did not fit and as I stood there holding it against the dress, lamenting the incredible, independent and locally-made outfit that was just not meant to be, Tara White - designer and owner of Embody, the maker of this very belt - also sipping pink lemonade, tapped me on the shoulder and asked me how she could help. Where else does this kind of interaction happen??? This is the kind of experience and community vibe Nathalie-Roze & Co. offered. Everyday. For the past seven years. We altered the belt, and this is still my favourite outfit.

Sad as I am to see the shop go (it was the reason this west-ender crossed the Don, and the reason so many people discovered Leslieville), I'm excited for everything else Nathalie-Roze has planned. Without the demands of running a bricks-and-mortar shop, who knows what other greatness this woman will get up to?! With more entrepreneurial and small-business know-how in her baby finger than most institutions of higher learning, Nathalie-Roze is truly a creative and inspirational  force in Toronto, and I know the City of Craft community will follow her online, in print, and wherever else she goes. Thank you, Nathalie-Roze, and see you around. xo