Craftstock 3.

Craftstock 3 Poster by Selena Wong

Every once in a while, a notice or call for vendors passes by me that reminds of the good old days, like when I saw the vendor call for Goldsoundz' Craftstock 3 (via the Toronto Craft Alert). It's a rock show with craft makers and the tables are free! I've always like shows like this for exposing my nerdy, old ears to cool new tunes. They might even have a few vendor spots left. Vendors seem to be curated on a rolling basis and selected for their symbiosis with an indie-pop aesthetic. For more info, look here!


Call for Volunteers: City of Craft wants you!

Old Weston
Craft You Day Job punch cards by Old Weston. Photo by Karyn Valino.

Hi! Michelle here - City of Craft's Volunteer Coordinator. I took on this role a couple of weeks before City of Craft 2010 and am happily doing it again this year. It's a pretty easy job because City of Craft volunteers (like all CoC Citizens) are generally amazing and a lot of fun to work with. And since it's clear to me that CoC blog readers are also amazing and fun, City of Craft is inviting you to join the roster of volunteers for the 2011 show. Huzzah!

Volunteers are a key component to City of Craft and help out during the event itself, which as you know is December 10 & 11, 2011. Some of the tasks volunteers take on include:
- setting up and tearing down tables/chairs
- handing out swag bags at the door
- taking admission
- selling official CoC merchandise
- helping out vendors by getting them change or watching over their tables when they need a washroom/food break
- being generally helpful, friendly and welcoming to the City of Craft

We also sometimes ask for volunteers in the weeks leading up to the event to help with making decorations, signage, etc.

It's really that easy! In exchange, volunteers get the chance to meet neat, creative people in Toronto's craft community (and beyond) and be a part of one of the city's biggest indie craft shows. And it's important to know City of Craft loves and appreciates its volunteers and will thank them with amazing (and sometimes limited edition) swag. It's win-win!

To be a volunteer, you must:
- be able to commit to a minimum 3 hour shift during the event (though you're welcome to sign up for more!)
- be a human being

Interested? Of course you are! So send a quick e-mail to cityofcraft[AT]gmail[DOT]com and be sure to mark CoC down in your calendar. If you use Facebook to keep track of your schedule (I can't be the only one who does), here's the event page.

Once we have a critical mass of names, we'll send out an e-mail with more information and start asking volunteers about their scheduling preferences. If you've sent an e-mail in the last few months indicating you'd like to volunteer, you are already on the list! Good for you!

Thanks Citizens!

Stay crafty,

Shannon Gerard's Animations

Just dropping a line to share this animation that City of Craft staffer, Shannon Gerard, made on the wall of YYZ Gallery. On the wall! These mural animations are part of Shannon's ever-expanding Unspent Love project. You can check it out in person, or go to the blog documenting it. Mind boggling!


2011 Notifications Are Out!

city of craft 2010

Greetings Citizens,

Well, I am breathing a sigh of relief because all the 2011 vendor notifications are now out. If you have not gotten yours, please get in touch (after you check your spam folder).

2011 was an exceptional year for City of Craft applications. We got more than ever before (by a hefty margin) and the quality was off the charts. The jury met last Wednesday for a session that went deep into the night (big thanks to Leah, Jen, Hollie, Hazel, Janna & The Ontario Crafts Council). It was not an easy task by any means. After all was said and done, there was only room in the show for around 10% of applicants. All this to say that the work of lots of truly amazing artists passed by our eyes and I, for one, was really humbled by the quality of work being made in Toronto (and beyond). It's also to say that there is some truly amazing work that did not get in, many times just because of saturation in a specific category.

I really hope that Torontonians go out to more local craft fairs than ever this year. Every indie show has its own vibe, aesthetic and neighbourhood. Going to many is the only way you can start to see the amount of awesome craft we have seen. Some local favourites and friends include A Handmade Holiday, Crafternoon Tea and Movies & Makers.

Have another show you like? Feel free to share it here! Know a show accepting applications? Let everyone know!

And, of course, we will see you all at City of Craft!

Time to sleep,



Three Dimensional Pyramid Quilt by Happy Sleepy.

Images by Magda Wojtyra

Citizens, this 3D quilt from the Land of Happy Sleepy (Magda Wojtyra & Marc Ngui) is veritably blowing my mind. Bound for installation at the Gladstone as part of the upArt Contemporary Art Fair, it will be viewable to all at the end of October. I can't wait to see it in person! Although, for the moment, watching the above animation of Magda trying to figure out pyramid arrangements is deeply satisfying. Not only does it fill me with a sense of endless possibility, but it also completely maps the process I am currently going through inching table spaces around to see how many awesome vendors we can fit in the 2011 show. Tetris everywhere!

Reef textile art 1

Reef textile art 4

The Craft Toronto photo pool is a rolling stream of craft projects being made in the city (and thereabouts). It is an initiative hosted by City of Craft and reflects more makers than any of our real-world events ever could. What's more? You can join!


Other Shows (That You Can Still Apply to).

While we tally numbers and consult floor plans for the 2011 show, I thought it would be a good idea to do a wee round up of other shows (near and far) that are still accepting applications for their 2011 holiday shows. Deadlines are very rapidly approaching on some of them!

It's far afield, but the folks at Halifax Crafters are accepting applications until tomorrow night. Although there is some sort of complicated cheque delivery system that may get in the way of out-of-towners applying now. Still, we have pals there and have heard great things about the show so it is worth checking into.

A drive, but not as long of a haul, The Detroit Urban Craft Fair is also accepting applications for their sixth annual show on December 3rd and 4th.

Closer to home, there are two shows on the east side still accepting applications. First, Movies and Makers at the Fox Cinema in Leslieville. Applications can be found via their blog. The show happens super late, December 17, which is a great time to get in on the frenzy of last-minute shopping.

Nathalie-Roze's Crafternoon Tea is also accepting submissions for their November 26th edition through October 3. To apply to that show, you just need to send her an email with some product images and a blurb about what you make.

And, as always, for local listings we recommend checking in with the calls for vendors page in the Toronto Craft Alert forums.


From the Design Files.

City of Craft 2011 WORN Ad
City of Craft 2011 Ad for WORN Fashion Journal. Design by Sandi Falconer

Just dropping a line from the midst of jury prep to mention yet again what a boffo job Sandi has been doing with the 2011 design. Above is a print ad she made for our buddies at WORN Fashion Journal. But it was just so rad that I also wanted to share it with the citizens of the internet, as well. Sandi, you blow my mind!


Jury Time (Well, Almost).

The Clock Watcher
The Clock Watcher by The Pin Pals

The big jury session is now just under a week away and preparations are well under way. It's hard to explain how much work goes into jurying the show. I never would have understood the scale of prep involved until I got into this line of work. But now, I feel the home stretch coming!

As an update to those who asked for a reminder, notifications are scheduled to go out on September 25. I am working hard to edge that date up by a few days but I make no promises. After the jury's votes come in, I have to do some hard math and figuring, map out floor plans and make sure everyone can fit before sending out notices.

Even amid the weeks of prep work, it has been a great joy to wade through all the amazing things this city (and beyond) is making through the hands of its citizens. You guys rock!

Back to the spreadsheets,

Ring Leader
City of Craft


The Red Handed Child in Ceremonial Head-dress by KipikArt.

the red handed child in ceremonial head-dress - detail
Doll and Photo by KipikArt

There is something in this doll/fetish that makes me feel the magic and the warmth of autumn.

The Craft Toronto photo pool is a rolling stream of craft projects being made in the city (and thereabouts). It is an initiative hosted by City of Craft and reflects more makers than any of our real-world events ever could. What's more? You can join!


New Juror Announced - Hazel Meyer!


If there is a downside to working with amazing, talented and busy ladies, it is that they get overbooked. For that reason, we lost one of our 2011 juror, Allyson Mitchell to an install of her new work (which you will probably want to see).

The upside to losing Allyson is getting to book last-minute addition, Hazel Meyer. Read below to find out more about her illustrious career and the exciting happenings she undertakes:
Hazel Meyer is a visual artist and aspiring athlete. She spent ten years in MontrĂ©al, earning a BFA from Concordia University, designing fabric for the textile industry, founding the Hound’s tooth, forsooth! fabricLAB, and coaching the jump rope team Smooche de la Rooche. Presently she is living in Toronto, having recently completed an MFA through the Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media & Design program at OCAD University, with her thesis project Hyper-Hyper. Working primarily in installation, intervention and performance, with textiles and drawing, her projects have been shown through various Artist-Run Centers and festivals across North America and Europe.
You will also be able to meet her at the show as she will be there with her latest project, Knitdown SVP!


Phew! (Or Applications are Now Closed for 2011).

Whoa, Citizens! Last night's application deadline was totally bonkers! 2011 has shattered every single record for application volume and I was up all night making sure that everything was in its place for the jury.

There is still a lot of work to do to get ready for the jury session. And I am currently strategizing ways to keep the process under eight hours even with an extra 50+ applications to go through.

It is hard to communicate the work involved in jurying - or how truly massive the process is. On the actual day the the session, the five of us will spend what amounts to an entire work day looking through applications. We will view something in the neighbourhood of 1500 images and read what I can only imagine to be millions of words (but I haven't counted). We also might go through some serious amounts of coffee and tea. And maybe eat a cupcake or two (thank you, food applicants).

Over and out,


PS - That image up there is from the treasure trove of downloads that Sandi has been making. Feel free to teef any and all of them and plaster them about the internet.