Applications About to Close for the 2011 Show.

2011 Vendor Flyer

Citizens, do not get snowed. You now have four days left to apply for City of Craft 2011 (including today).

Look here for all details and the online application form.

Bubble bubble!


Craft Toronto: Emerald Shiners by Happy Sleepy.

Emerald shiners fish sculptures
Fish and photo by Magda Wojtyra.

From the artist:

These are made from silver lame fabric and plastic food containers for the transparent fins.

The eyes are made from silver chocolate wrapping for the sclera and bicycle innertube rubber for the pupils, held together with globs of transparent plastic glue to give it dimension and a glossy, wet eye look.

The Craft Toronto photo pool is a rolling stream of craft projects being made in the city (and thereabouts). It is an initiative hosted by City of Craft and reflects more makers than any of our real-world events ever could. What's more? You can join!


Calls for Submission: Canzine and TCAF.

Canzine 2011

Greetings, Citizens, just checking in to share news from some friends in the book arts, comix and literature worlds:

1. Canzine currently has calls open for both zinesters to table and artists to take over rooms at their November event. It's great! Zinesters can sign up on a first-come-first-served basis and artists rooms are decided upon in a more conversational manner with Broken Pencil's editor, Lindsay. Find more information here.

2. The Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) 2012 is also accepting submission for sequential artists to table in the vendor section of their massive event. Over the past years, TCAF has become a real player on the comics events circuit and vendors spaces have become very much in demand. Be sure to read their guidelines before submitting to up your chances of getting in.

Good luck, Citizens!


Find us on the Face Place.

She's working
Image scooped from the incomparable Sarah McNeil


Until the next big thing comes along, we are on facebook. This is just a wee nudge to remind you all of that fact.

We have a page that always provides a rolling stream of information and the 2011 event listing is already up. These are both great ways to stay apprised of City of Craft happenings.

I am not going to make any promises just yet, but I can say that I am cooking up schemes around the camp fire to make membership have its privileges. That's right, there may be gifts for you in following our page! Gifts hidden in the internet! Neat, huh?


Two weeks left to apply to City of Craft 2011.

Two-sided School House Clock
Photo by the workroom

Greetings Citizens,

You now have two weeks left to get your vendor applications in for City of Craft 2011, our ever-awesome December show.

Get on it, dudes! All the info you need and the online submission form are here.

Hey, why not tell your friends who might be interested, too?


Dream a Little Zine.

Yes, City of Craft loves Zine Dream. We love its organizers, too. And if you love all things ziney, literary, doodly and designy, you will love it, too!

Zine Dream happens Sunday, August 21 at the Tranzac in Toronto. For more details, check out their flashing website.



Book Bakery Fund-Fair, Ian Phillips
Ian and the NUTSO board by rc boisjoli

Citizens, guess what! We have managed to finagle a brand new element to the show for 2011. We will be kicking our dusty old raffle to the curb in favour of a much more fast-paced, instant-gratification, everyone-wins, prize-winning activity - NUTSO!

The awesome gents at Cheveaux du Bois, Alexx (not pictured) and Ian (pictured above), have agreed to lend us the interactive midway board (not to be confused with Plinko which is probably trademarked by someone else) so that we can give you all the chance to win awesome handmade, indie and/or local prizes.

Not only will this be great fun to play, we also think that the accompanying prize display will make our donated good shine even more than they have in the past.

Feel compelled to help stock that prize shelf with your wares? We are actively looking for in-kind sponsorships for just such a purpose! And you get lots of hype and love in return. Just email cityofcraft@gmail.com and we will hook you up with the 2011 Sponsorship Package.


Sponsor City of Craft 2011.

sublime stitching (3)b
Prize pack from Sublime Stitching


It has come time to nail down our awesome sponsors for 2011. And that could be you! That's right, the 2011 Sponsorship Package is now ready and offers multiple ways to get involved with City of Craft if you can't be a vendor (or even if you can).

City of Craft offers lots of channels through which to spread the word about your business. We love our sponsors and choose them to fit in with the ethos of our event and organization. We especially like to partner up with local and/or indie and/or arts and crafts projects and groups. And we have come up with a bunch of ways to work with all sizes and types of business.

krystal speck 2
Ceramics from Krystal Speck

Aside from monetary sponsors (which, don't get us wrong, keep the show alive) we also have a great need and use for all sorts of in-kind sponsorships. City of Craft fills a raffle, vendor packs, volunteer rewards, staff packs and swag bags with goodies from the community at large. We also need printing, and refreshments, and materials for our workshops...the list goes on. We even make great use of things we didn't think of until they presented themselves to us (can anyone say floral sponsor?)

We also love to work out new partnerships with like-minded businesses and groups. Have an idea you would like to partner with us on? Want to support a specific project or piece of programming? Let us know!

For more information and to request the 2011 Sponsorship Package, please email cityofcraft@gmail.com.

Yours in Craft,

Ring Leader
City of Craft

coriander girl swag
Lavender sachets from Coriander Girl


Bloorcourt Arts and Crafts Street Fair.

Bloorcourt Market
Artwork by Sandi Falconer

Greetings, Citizens!

Just dropping in to put a big bug in your collective ear about this coming weekend's Bloorcourt Arts and Crafts Street Fair. The show is chock full of former City of Craft vendors and friendlies and is organized by one of our co-founders, Jen Anisef. The astute among you may also pick up our 2011 designer, Sandi's hand at work in all of their posters. And...um...amateur wrestling? I can't think of a better way to defy the dog days of summer (and maybe get the jump on some back-to-school shopping).

Bloorcourt Arts and Crafts Street Fair
August 13, 2011
Shaw-Dovercourt along Bloor W.


Your Design Here: The Bottled Project by rc boisjoli.

Double Mustard Bear
Photo by rcboisjoli

This just in! City of Craft vendor and pal, rc boisjoli, is searching for a crack team of designers with whom to engage in collaboration. The Bottled Project is a new initiative by the Toronto ceramics studio to fuse graphic design and porcelain (literally?) by collaborating with ten select designers. Want one of those people to be you? Alexx has both a project run-down and brief on his blog.

How amazing would it be to see your work in glaze?


One month left to apply for City of Craft 2011.

Five O'clock

I am sorry to break it to you all, citizens, but summer is entering its last month. You know what that means? There is now one month left to apply to City of Craft 2011. Do not dally and do not delay. We feel terrible every year when we have to tell folks they missed the jurying deadline. Do not be one of those people. And hey, why not tell your interested friends, too?

Online applications and an FAQ can be found here.
Applications close August 31, 2011 at Midnight EST.