Guest Blogger Picks: Marsya Maharani.

People say that art is a matter of personal taste. What someone gets from a piece is not necessarily the same as what another gets out of it. While the artist’s intention is always important, each viewer is free to add their own interpretation of the work. This is one of the reasons why I find art to be a gift that can very effectively carry a meaningful message that is personal between the giver and the receiver. This year’s City of Craft features quite a few wonderful artists who have printed multiples of their original works. Here are a few of my favourites, along with my thoughts on for whom they would make great gifts.


1. Katie Muth, winter morning by the lake, $120.

For those who need to be reminded of the beauty of winter before they can crawl out from under the covers.

02 - Selena Wong - If you can see a crow, eat its liver and eyes

2. Selena Wong, If you see a crow, eat its liver and eyes.

For those who see beauty in a little darkness.

03 -HillaryWebb - Tree Study I

3. Hillary Webb, Tree Study I.

For those who are soothed by the detail in nature.

04 NEW A Dream by jacob rolfe

4. Jacob Rolfe, A Dream, $65.

For the dreamers...

05 Gezellig_leaves towel

06 forest guardian

5. Tea towel by Gezellig and The Forest Guardian glow-in-the-dark tee by 1% Talent.

...for those who like their art more on the utilitarian side!

Together with Karen Carrillo and Jelena Pticek, Marsya runs Freedom Clothing Collective - a non-profit co-op that supports local artists and designers. She also curates monthly art exhibitions at Freedom, contributes to WORN Fashion Journal, and thinks that trees are really pretty.

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