Guest Blogger Picks: Leah Buckareff.

Being so far from my (other) home during the dark and cold days of a Berlin winter, I want nothing more than to hibernate with a brood of weirdo characters to keep me company. There are some incredible imaginations at work behind those vendor tables this year and these are just a few additions to my family I'd like to make.


1. Yermit : Drunk Russian Retired Circus Bear
I think my extended family might already have one of these, but I'm far away from most of them so as the holidays come and go, I'd like to count on this guy to always bring the party when I need it.


2. greasychickenface : girls original paintings
These ladies look like they're up to no good. Perfect for mid-winter mischief making!

Selena Wong

3. Selena Wong : Yellow Zine
With the damp and gray foliage-free outside licking at my windows, I would love to take cover under some wool blankets and these fauna-morphing creatures to remind me that the forest will be back soon.


4. rcboisjoli : Nolan's Lion
Of course, with all the windows sealed tight, I'll need a little life in my hibernated existence and what better vessel than this little king to keep me company!


5. AT.AW : Orphan
A resolution for the New Year? More good deeds! I would gladly adopt an orphan. These tiny strongmen fit the bill. Even more so as I travel lots and these little guys don't require to be fed.

The Maple Ridge

6. The Maple Ridge : Wolf Couple
As most of my real life friends will be dealing with their own wintery confinements, I think I want these two around. I only know them from their picture, but they look like hairy little BFFs in the making.


7. nanopod : discoMedusa Amulet
I don't know about you, but darkness at 3pm makes me a little drowsy (even in anticipation). I think late afternoon naps with this beauty nearby can only help conjure some other-warmer-worldly dreams.

Leah Buckareff is a far-flung citizen-at-large and co-founder at City of Craft. As a piece of her heart belongs to the crafty city, she sends help and sponsorship via post and various wonders of technology. She makes books as Coldsnap Bindery, makes noise as one-half of Nadja, and organizes little exhibitions for handmade wonders within The Wunderkabinet.

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